Cold Work Tool Steels

They are tool steels with abrasion resistance used in molds such as cutting, crushing and plastering.


Description Applications
DIN Norm
1.1730 C45 U 0,45 0,35 0,70 It is a hardenable steel that has undergone a special normalization process. It is used as a mold holder in plastic molds. Also used in blow molds where minimum surface quality is required. 1.2063 145Cr6 1,45 0,20 0,60 1,50 Good toughness It is used for cutting tools, profile and milling cutters, wood cutters and circular cutting blades of plastics operating at low speed. 1.2067 102Cr6 1,00 0,25 0,30 1,50 2067 has very good wear resistance properties and it can be hardened in oil 1.2080 X210Cr12 2,10 0,30 0,40 12,00 It is the oldest cold work tool steel that can be hardened without change in the dimensions. It has high pressure and abrasion resistance It is used for crushing and grinding tools and hammers of crushers and jaws for soft grinding and crushing. Also, punching tools of high hardness materials (difficult shaped tools for cutting, especially transformer metal sheets and metal sheets of stainless steel), sheet metal cutting blades and approximately 4 mm thick steel strips, wire cutting, etc. for knives, 1.2083 X42Cr13 0,40 0,45 0,35 13,00 High polishability and corrosion resistance It is used in molds containing chemicals with corrosion effect. 1.2201 X165CrV12 1,65 0,30 0,30 12,00 0,10 2201 has very good toughness and wear resistance Cutting and die tools, saw rolls, etc. 1.2210 115CrV3 1,20 0,30 0,35 0,70 0,10 It is a low alloy tool steel. It is also called mercury steel. Cutting and drilling tools, in cutting tools with low cutting speed, 1.2358 60CrMoV18-5 0,60 0,40 0,80 4,45 0,50 0,25 It has excellent surface hardenability. Mostly preffered automotive moulds. Used for cutting and machining, deep drawing, drilling, rolling, production of shear blades, more complex tools for cold work. 1.2363 X100CrMoV5-1 1,00 0,30 0,50 5,00 1,20 0,20 2363 maintains its dimensions after heat treatment and it has high toughness. It has high toughness and wear resistance. It is used in cold forming tools such as extrusion, cutting, crushing. 1.2379 X155CrVMo12-1 1,55 0,40 0,40 12,00 0,70 1,00 2379 is the most common cold work tool steel that prefered for its high wear resistance Used in extrusion, blow molding tools, punches, stamping dies, plastic molds and blades where high abrasion resistance is required, precision cutting of sheets up to 6mm 1.2436 X210CrW12 2,12 0,35 0,40 11,20 0,65 Excellent wear resistance Used in the production of fire bricks and ceramics, all kinds of cutting and shaping gives better results than 1.2080 with its high performance. 1.2510 100MnCrW4 1,00 0,30 1,10 0,60 0,07 0,60 Good impact resistance Cold cutting dies, knives and stamping tools 1.2550 60WCrV7 0,60 0,60 0,30 1,10 0,20 2,00 2550 is cold work stool steel that alloyed with tunsten and it has high impact and shock resistance cold cutting blades,cutting and punching tools of high hardness materials, industrial knife 1.2601 X165CrMoV12 1,65 0,30 0,30 12,00 0,60 0,20 0,50 It has high resistance to pressure and impacts. Makaralar ve hadde topları için idealdir. 1.2767 X45NiCrMo4 0,45 0,25 0,40 1,35 0,25 4,00 1.2767 steel has very good hardenability and polisability, also very good for patterning Its used in patterning moulds, fork and spoon bending mold 1.2842 90MnCrV8 0,90 0,20 2,00 0,40 0,10 It has got dimensional stability. Resistant to cracking Presses, punch and cutting tools in low thickness materials, plate and disc blades in paper cutting machines, etc.

Cryogenic Process

In high carbon cold work tool steels, when the martensitic transformation is
completed at minus degrees, a cryogenic process is applied to minimize the
amount of residual austenite.

Thanks to this process applied at -196 degrees, the toughness and
wear resistance of the materials are particularly purified.


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