While performing analysis based on tool steels, today this approach is evolving towards structure cleaning with microstructure control and secondary processes. Birleşik Metal is the company that follows these developments and brings them together with the sector.

The Story of Special Steels

Birlesik Metal Ozel Celiklerin Hikayesi

In addition to our production capacity, we are the largest steel service center in Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans, with a special steel stock of 8000 tons.

We export to 50 countries by designing Birleşik Performance Steel series.

We serve the industry in the widest range by offering nearly 300 special steels according to our partners’ demands and support our partners’ with out technical knowledge. .

In addition to our production capacity, we are the most comprehensive Special steel service centre that has quick responding in the region. Our great experience in steel sector, perfect technical solutions and wide of range of products make our customers satisfied all over the world.

As Birleşik Metal, we guarantee the quality insurance with our engineering department and fully calibrated quality control equipments to auotomotive, armature, shipbuilding, foundry, extrusion, rolling and defense from aerospace.

We are a company that provides services for processes such as cutting, milling, drilling, and processes that add value to the material.

We are a company that constantly informs the industry and awareness of materials by publishing and distributing free of charge books on tool steels and titanium alloys for the first time in Türkiye, and superalloys for the first time.

By establishing Varzene Metal, we are the company that producing the first superalloy in Türkiye.

color of steel at this temperature Co 850 Co 810 Co 780 Co 740 Co 710 Co 630 Co 550 Co

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