Powder Metallurgical Steels

Powder Metallurgy enables us to produce components that have the same properties in all directions, such as flanged connection valves. It offers significant material savings and low turning costs. Powder Metallurgy is the technology of the future. Demands on “Tool Durability and Performance” cause powder metallurgical steels to be preferred more and more every day in the production of high performance and cold work tools such as thread cutting tools.


Description Applications
DIN Norm
CPM 10V - 2,45 5,25 1,3 9,75 It is the perfect choice in applications where high wear resistance is required. In abrasive wear, CPM provides twice as long tool life as M4 and four times longer than 1.2379. Since its introduction, the CPM 10V has become the most desired steel when wear resistance is required. CPM 15V - 3,4 5,25 1,3 14,5 It is the powder metallurgical steel with the highest wear resistance Improved version of CPM 10V, providing longer tool life. It offers an alternative for materials with its high wear resistance in cases where carbides cause breakage or make complex shaped tools difficult to manufacture. CPM 1V - 0,55 4,50 2,75 1,00 2,15 It shows better heat resistance and higher hardness than 1.2344 and 1.2365. CPM1V is an improvement of 1.2344, providing longer tool life with higher hardness and better tempering resistance. CPM 3V - 0,80 7,50 1,30 2,75 It is a powder metal with a wear resistance much better than 1.2363 and 1.2379. The perfect choice for the high toughness required in drilling. CPM 9V - 1,78 5,25 1,3 9 Powder metallurgical steel with excellent wear resistance and toughness at 52-56 HRc. It is the ideal choice when high toughness and wear resistance are required for plastic injection screws and components. REX 121 - 3,40 9,00 5,25 9,50 10,00 9,00 It is a high performance steel that can reach very high hardness (70-74Hrc) compared to other powder metallurgical steels Powder metallurgical steel that contains highest vanadium and cobalt. Excellent choice to prevent breakages in applications that require high wear resistance in cutting processes that require high speed. REX 76 - 1,50 3,10 5,25 3,10 9,75 8,50 It is a powder metallurgical steel with high wear and heat resistance that can be hardened up to 68-70 HRc. It is an excellent choice for punching and cutting, especially for shaping cutters with its features such as high wear resistance, high toughness and hot hardness resistance REX M4 - 1,40 4,00 5,25 4,00 5,50 It is HSS group powder metalurgical steel with high toughness compared to 3343 and 3344. It is a high vanadium high speed tool steel with higher wear resistance and toughness than 1.3343 in cold work punches or high speed cutting applications.

Cryogenic Process

In high carbon cold work tool steels, when the martensitic transformation is completed at minus degrees, a cryogenic process is applied to minimize the amount of residual austenite.

Thanks to this process applied at -196 degrees, the toughness and wear resistance of the materials are particularly purified.

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