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Birleşik Metal, which has made many innovations in Turkey since its establishment and introduced and brought many new steels to the sector, introduces new generation performance steels from stock and in a different concept.


Description Applications
FORM CUT 1,55 12,00 0,50 0,25 FormCut is a cold work tool steel with a ledeburitic structure and containing 12% chromium element. In addition to high wear resistance, it has good toughness at the same hardness value. Forming Dies, Cutting Dies, Cutter Blades, Spinning Dies, Blow Molding Dies, Cold Rolling Rollers, Punches KNIFE 8V 0,50 7,80 1,50 1,50 +++ Cr-Mo-V alloy, secondary hardenable, very high toughness and good compressive strength; It is a steel with very good wear resistance at high temperature. Flat dies with high wear resistance, hot and cold cutting dies, sheet metal cutting dies over 7mm, punches with high stresses PERFO COR 1,05 17,50 1,20 0,10 1,50 +++ Perfo Cor is a special martensitic stainless steel with Cobalt, Molybdenum and Vanadium additives that can be hardened to very high values. It is used in cutting tool steels where corrosion resistance and acid resistance are required. Knife blades, surgical cutting tools, doner knives used in the food industry, abutments holding the blade, rolling bearings that require corrosion resistance, piston and valve needles in refrigerator compressors are the areas of use of Perfo-Cor. PERFO CUT 0,95 1,00 0,40 8,00 2,00 0,30 +++ It is a cold work tool steel suitable for general use with excellent toughness, wear resistance and compressive strength. Cutting plastering dies, stamping dies, cold forging presses, plastic mold steels, etc. PERFO CUT NB 0,85 0,90 8,40 2,00 0,50 Nb 0,15
It is a special performance steel used as an alternative to cold work steels with Nb effect.
PERFO HOT 0,37 1,05 0,45 5,30 1,45 0,28 1,30 Nb 0,05
It is a general use hot work tool steel which is including 5% chromium and excellent impact toughness. Hot work applications requiring maximum crack resistance, die casting dies, extrusion dies, forging dies, hot cutting blades
PERFO HOT CO 0,40 4,25 2,00 4,25 4,25 +++ It is a hot work tool steel consisting of Chromium-Tungten composition and reinforced with Vanadium containing Cobalt. It maintains its hardness even at high temperatures and has excellent shock and abrasion resistance at high temperatures. Extrusion dies, forging dies and connection slots, model blocks, mandrels, hot punch dies PERFO WEAR 1,10 7,70 1,40 2,20 1,30 +++ It is a tool steel with better wear resistance, higher toughness and higher hardness than AISI D2/1.2379. Punching dies, industrial knives and cutting blades, threading dies, pieces which request high wear resistant TENAX V 0,45 1,35 0,25 0,50 4,00 +++ Tenax-V is a special cold work tool steel with excellent toughness values. Thanks to its high nickel content, it has high impact resistance, hardenability and polishability. With the contents of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium, abrasion resistance has been improved as well as impact resistance. Cold forging dies, Thick sheet cutting knives, Thick sheet forming dies, punches, Coin dies, Scrap crusher knives, Plastic dies

Birleşik Performance

Birleşik-Performance® concept aggregates these new generation steels under a single name and increases production efficiency with the cooperation of the Industrialist - University and Steel Production Facility. Performance technology ensures a cleaner microstructure than ESR while extending die/part life.

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