With over 20 years of industry experience and engineering power, we have designed new generation performance steels.


Material Design

Our company, which has made many innovations since the day it was founded in Turkey, has introduced and brought in countless new steels to the sector, has designed new generation performance steels by signing another first.

There is a performance steel suitable for all kinds of environments such as hot, cold, corrosive, with 8 different performance steels designed by Birleşik Metal engineers. In this way, with a cleaner microstructure and technical support guarantee, high-performance new generation steels were produced from Birleşik Metal and presented to the sector.

Performance steels developed for different sectors and areas of use have replaced standard tool steels, increasing the lifespan and performances of molds in production.

Instead of standard cold work tool steels, PerfoCut® and PerfoCut-Nb® have been designed by Birleşik Metal engineers to provide much higher wear resistance and toughness.


Malzeme Tasarimi

PerfoWear® material is designed for maximum wear resistance. With this material, a result close to high speed steels was obtained in terms of wear resistance.

Very high toughness Knife8V® is designed for hot and cold cutting blades. FormCut® material is designed as an alternative to 1.2379 quality material for high wear resistance and high toughness.

Instead of standard hot work tool steels, PerfoHot® and PerfoHot-Co® steels have been designed, which provide very high wear resistance and impact toughness by maintaining their hardness even at very high temperatures.

PerfoCor® material has been designed as stainless steel, which provides maximum wear resistance and corrosion resistance by reaching very high hardness values.

You can find detailed information about the designed products here.

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