Turkey – Czech Republic Business Council

Our chairman of the Board and Deik Turkey – Czech Republic business council vice-president Mr. İsmail DEMİRKAYA was joined Turkey – Czech Republic business council. Same time Czech Republic president Mr. Andrej Babis and his committee, Minister of Industry and Technology Mr. Mustafa Varank, President of Deik Mr. Nail Olpak , President of Deik Czech Republic- Turkey Business Council Mr. Nazmi Akıman and so many businessman was joined this meeting. Our Chairman of the Board Mr. İsmail DEMİRKAYA met with responsibles from both of countries and talked details about our special metal facility in Czech Republic.

Also a dinner organized of honor of Czech Republic President Mr. Andrej Babis in Les Ottoman. According to inviting of Mr. Ahmet Yüce (Chairman of the Board of Skoda Yüce Auto Motor Vehicles A.Ş) Mr. İsmail DEMİRKAYA was joined this organization. Thank you for kindly inviting Mr. Ahmet Yüce and Family of Skoda.

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